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Choi has a few favorite modifications. The first is the one-of-a-kind interior; everything from the full Porsche leather dashboard with custom stitching and patterns to the Alcantara trimmings on pillars and headliners. His second favorite is the headlights, which is 3-in-1 combination. Durante says the creator, who has since retired from creating these headlights, had only made two in his lifetime. Durante says his final worthy modification is bar setup in his truck, including the video player, hidden sound system and ice tray in the spare wheel well with visible ice.


Uniting the world, one car at a time.


We at 9GensoSiety, strive to achieve greatness. We have members all across the country and soon to be the world. We are not trying to take over, but change the game and unite all car enthusiasts.

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Here's a little story about the man behind the movement and statement, we at 9GensoSiety, want to make.


It was always a dream for Choi Durante to own a Honda Civic, but growing up with his family on a small income-base in the Philippines, he didn't have nearly enough money. After immigrating to America, finding a job and saving for a car, Durante made his dream come true with the purchase of a 2014 Honda Civic Si. He began to modify the Civic in February 2015, which now includes a CT Engineering supercharger, Air Force air suspension, VIP interior, custom Kicker audio/trunk system and custom headlights.